Travelling Doctors Tanzania

In Tanzania countless people live far outside the towns and have no access to medicine or medical treatment. A team of local doctors found this unacceptable and is now trying to change this situation. As most people can’t arrive to the hospitals in town due to missing infrastructure the doctors decided to turn around this fact. Instead of waiting they set themselves the ambitious goal to find the people where the help is needed most: in their homes. To find them, the Travelling Doctors sometimes have to cross rivers, mountains, valleys, deserts and sometimes have to go beyond their limits to succeed.

Dr. Kidasso works for many years as a doctor. Long time he has been treating patients that often have to save money before being able to go to hospital. Those who are not earning enough have hardly any access to healthcare and proper treatment. As a result, many of them just stay home and never go to hospital. For a passionate doctor and a man of god this has always been a difficult situation. In 2017 a friend of Dr. Kidasso had an idea. Marycelina Msuya has been working as a nurse lecturer for decades and founded the organization Native Africa with the goal to help people without any access to medicine. She formed a team of volunteer doctors, nurses and students that are now working as Travelling Doctors all over Tanzania. This work is not for everyone as it requires passion, dedication and often means a big sacrifice of freetime, energy and money. When Dr. Kidasso heard about this idea he joined the team of Marycelina Msuya along with eight other local volunteers.
The travel can require many days far away from town and it takes a lot of preparation as each territory has its own requirements. According to the change of landscape also the diseases vary a lot. Common issues can start by simple flu infections to hepatitis, blood intoxications, open wounds, broken bones or even malaria, tuberculosis and HIV infections. In some special cases even emergency surgery is needed and can be provided by the Travelling Doctors. Therefore the team is bringing tents that can be used as emergency rooms or simply as sleeping rooms for the team itself. Sometimes they have to sleep in local dispensary rooms, in tents or simply sleep inside the car. For that reason all travels are a big challenge, not only physically but also mentally. Despite of all challenges the Travelling Doctors Tanzania are operating according to their slogan: “No one will be left behind.”

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