The last fishermen of Lago Maggiore

2017-09-26 Isola dei Pescatori by Claudio Verbano

I Pescatori del
Lago Maggiore

The Project

The idea for this project started in 2014 when at our place at Lago Maggiore (in the north of Italy). When I was young I saw the fishermen taking their boat to the water at night. I was intrigued to know more about the work that seemed so closely connected to the life at Lago Maggiore; but still hidden, as the fishermen mostly work at night. Hundreds of years ago there were over 1000 fishermen around the lake, 100 years ago there were still more than 300. Today only 15 fishermen remain. I searched for them in the small villages around our lake. Finally I accompanied them during their work to listen to their stories... 

The book: I Pescatori del Lago Maggiore

The idea to create a book arrived with the stories and personalities that I found. It was a big honour to be with the fishermen in the middle of the night in the hot summer and cold winter. At one moment, a fisherman told me that for over 15 years he was always alone since his friend died. So it was the first time that another person was with him on the boat. 
The project started to grow. The book now includes 200 pages on a 22cm square format with many historical pictures and images of the different fishermen families that I've collected over the past 4 years.

The Exhibition 2018

I wanted to give something back to the fishermen by showing their life and working conditions. Therefore I thought the best possibility was to make an exhibition so that many people get the chance to see the pictures (printed in a size of 80 cm x 60 cm). The 25 pictures and book will be shown in 14 villages around the lake. Below you can find further dates and details about the different places.