Incomplete Constructions in Italy

While driving through Sicily you can see many houses that reminds you rather of skeletons than of a place to stay. Bridges often end in the middle of nowhere and appear displaced for their usual function. Since 2013 the department for infrastructure in Rome has developed a countrywide statistic that is regularly beeing updated. In 2015 they registered 868 unfinished public buildings in Italy, all of them financed by taxes and public funding. Many of the projects were already planned in the 80’s and 90’s. The money came partly from the Cassa del Mezzogiorno and partly from the EU regional development fund. That money increased the hunger of many activists like local municipalities, construction companies and the mafia.
Regardless of the extremely increasing sovereign debts and the financial crisis in Italy during the last 10 years countless streets and bridges were built that end in the clouds of corruption and unclear planning. Thousands of half-finished sportfields, hospitals and schools standing like ghostvillages in the wide surrounding. All these projects have cost an estimated amount of not less than 4 billion Euros. Famous Mafia-expert Roberto Saviano says it is not more money that will help to increase the situation of the south.
The government finally has to help local companies and therefore end the combination of bad payment, corruption, burocracy and extortion by mafia-clans. Big money inflows from Rome and the European Union for infrastructure will only increase the influence of the mafia in these areas. Several months i collected information about projects in Sicily that were financed by governmental or european funds and that have not yet been accomplished. Because of bad construction quality and missing infrastructure all these buildings will never be used and will never be finished. In total I found more than 300 buildings, I photographed 100 of them until now.

Pictures have been presented at the Photofestival in Zingst, Germany in cooperation with Epson.

Pictures are shown at the Copenhagen Photo Festival

and at Bruun & Rasmussen Auction 2019

July 5th to September 9th