Buddhistischer Tempel Vien Giac Hannover Claudio Verbano_01.jpg

Buddhist Temple Vien Giac / Germany

“The goal of Buddhism is a state of lasting, unconditional happiness known as enlightenment.”

The buddhist community Vien Giac is the biggest buddhist community in Germany and has around 3.000 members. Even the Dalai Lama was visiting the temple in 1995. Inside the temple based in Hannover buddhist monks and nuns are living constantly and help to teach the spirituals of Buddha. Most of the community members come from Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and not few of them had to escape their home countries in the 1970 and 1980 to seek political asylum in Germany. Today their children are joining and continuing their families traditions in the temple by studying vietnamese language and buddhist principles.
Thanh Tung and Danny are among those many children at Vien Giac and currently learning the famous Lion Dance, a mixture of martial arts, dancing and acrobatic moves that is prepared for the buddhist New Year in february. In december instead there is another famous ritual, the Le Hoa Dang is celebrated by buddhist and hindus likewise in which the community is donating light to Buddha as a symbol for wisdom. Therefore each person is passing the light represented by a candle to each other to pass the spirit of Buddha to everyone. Danny and Thanh Tung are proud to be part of the ceremony and also to become the next generation of Lion Dancers at the Vien Giac temple.